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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion 

 Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) are the latest “buzz words” within many corporations, non-profit organizations, K-12 schools, and higher educational institutions. 


While DE&I-focused goals are admirable, too often it becomes empty rhetoric without a clear understanding of the underlying issues or commitment to strategically work towards implementing concrete, and measurable, change. 


Through my DE&I assessment work I strive to help shift institutional culture by offering an integrated, change-based approach – focused on interpersonal interactions (the climate) and an examination of policies (the structures) which often contribute to inequitable outcomes.


In addition, my workshops are designed to help clients develop the language and skills needed to navigate DE&I issues more effectively in an increasingly diverse workforce, which is (in)directly being shaped by local, national, and global realities.

DE&I Workshops

I offer customized workshops on a range of topics focused on DE&I capacity building and fostering inclusive and/or justice-focused teaching and learning environments.



Potential areas might include:


  • Self-Reflexivity, Social Identities, and Positionality

  • Implicit Bias and Micro-/Macro-Aggressions 


  • Inclusive Teaching Strategies

  • How to Talk to Children about Race

  • Managing DE&I Conflict in the Classroom

  • DE&I Classroom Audit

    • Decolonizing the Curricula

    • Anti-Racist Teaching

Assessing your Workspace Climate through a DE&I Lens

  • Inclusive Hiring Strategies

  • Equity-focused Retention Practices

Allies, Accomplices, and Working for Change

  • We Do Not Need Saving: Working with, not for, Marginalized Groups

  • Moving beyond Guilt and Shame: Using your Spheres of Influence to Effect Change


DE&I Institutional Assessment

As a qualitatively trained sociologist, I have the research skills to offer clients a customized evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of their organization from a DE&I lens. 

Based on the needs of the organization, a combination of surveys, content analysis, interviews, and/or focus groups might be used to gain a better understanding of the institutional climate.


The assessment would then be followed by a written report of my findings, measurable goals focused on short- and long-term priorities, and recommended action steps.

Possible assessment strategies might include conducting:

  • Stay and Exit Interviews

  • Identity-based Focus Groups

  • Content Analysis of Organizational Policies and Procedures from a DE&I Lens

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